KnockOut University takes place in an alternate universe where all conflicts are resolved through brawling. KnockOut University is a prestigious fight-school located in Brawlington, USA, and is home to some of the best future brawlers on the planet. It’s finals week at K.O.U. and Final(s) Fight will soon commence. Final(s) Fight is a school-wide all-out battle royal and only the last one-hundred students left-standing will graduate. The pressure is on as siblings and rising stars Logan and Luci team up to ensure one of them lands the spot at the top.

This game is currently in development by Trench Squad Games!

Player Controller


I have implemented a "mix-and-match" combo system into KOU. The player is given a light and a heavy attack that they can use at will. The player can use these attacks in any order to perform a 3-hit combo. However, the combo will only progress if the player is hitting an enemy.
The attack animation and damage is dependent on what type of attack was input and at what part of the combo. On the third hit of a combo, the "combo ender" property triggers. If the combo is ended on a light attack, the enemy is pushed back. If the combo ends on a heavy attack, the enemy is launched into the air.

Character Switching

The player is able to switch between the two characters, Logan and Luci at will by pressing the left bumper. There is no restriction on the switching. This allows the player to play how they want. Luci is a slower character but deals the most damage. On the other end, Logan is a faster character that deals less damage but can juggle enemies easier.
Logan and Luci share lives and a super attack meter.

Super Attack

Both Logan and Luci have unique super attacks.
Logan's special attack consists of him punching the ground so hard that fire from Earth's core shoots out of the ground and deals damage to the enemies as long as they are within the attacks area of effect.
Luci's special attack consists of a series of kicks that deal damage on hit. Each kick propels Luci forward and any enemies that are hit are pushed back and are stuck with Luci until she finishes her special or they are knocked out.

Grabbing & Throwing

The player has access to a grab move. By pressing the right bumper, the player initiates the grab. If the player successfully grabs an enemy, they enter a grab state. In this state, the player has two actions they can take.
The first action they can make involves flicking the left analog stick in any direction which will throw the grabbed enemy in said direction.
The second action is to perform a grab attack by pressing the light attack button. If no action is taken then the enemy breaks out of the grab after a few seconds.

Fight Cell

The fight cells are sections in the game where the camera stops moving and the player is locked within the bounds of the camera. Enemies spawn and until the player defeats all the enemies, they are unable to leave the bounds of the fight cell.I designed this system so the designers have the freedom to craft whatever experience they want for the player per fight cell. The designers can spawn up to 6 enemies of any type and a max of three group spawns. They are free to choose the type of enemies and the amount of group spawns.